Why Us?

Our office is unique in several ways. First we focus on soft tissue injuries as well as traditional chiroporactic care. Traditional chiropractic care focuses on manipulating or adjusting the joints of the spine or body to restore normal motion to the affected area. We address the muscles and soft tissue as a primary focus because we believe they are as important as the joint. The muscles of the body move the bones around the joint. If the treatment only addresses restoring the joint mobility without addressing the soft tissue, then the muscles can pull the joint back and continue to restrict that joint's motion. Releasing those muscles can minimize the amount of times we need to manipulate the joint. Muscles can also entrap nerves and mimic nerve pain patterns. Once the muscle is released, those pain patterns can many times resolve very quickly. Finally, soft tissue structures like muscles, tendons, ligaments and joint capsules will become shortened and develop adhesions. Adhesions or scar tissue cannot be stretched out. These adhesions need to be removed to allow those structures to regain normal length as well as the ability to slide over one another.

Secondly, our office utilizes many techniques for addressing joint dysfunction and for addressing soft tissue injuries. Active Release Technique (see our page dedicated to Active Release) is our primary mode of manual soft tissue treatment. However, we also are experienced in Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy, Cross Friction Massage and FAKTR-PM (http://www.faktr-pm.com/5.html). Our adjusting techniques range from traditional chiropractic manipulation, Cox Flexion Distraction Technique, Thompson Drop Technique and a variety of low force and non force manipulation and mobilization techniques. We adjust the technique to fit the patient, not one size fits all.

Thirdly, we can support our treatment with therapeutic taping, including Kinesio Tape. Taping is used to stabilize, support and neurologically stimulate muscles and joints. It can be used to maintain proper joint function, posture and mechanics for days after the treatment in our office. It is like carrying a reminder around until the next visit.

Finally, we treat the whole body. Our office specializes in sports injuries, which include extremity injuries like shoulder, knee, hip, ankle and elbow. We also look at the whole body as a connected functional unit. We not only treat these injuries, but give our patients rehabilitative exercises to restore normal function and strengthen the affected structures.

We believe that with all these tools, we can tailor our treatment and recommendations to the specific needs of our patients.